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‘Al-Waqf Lil-Hayah’ Project in Kubang Pasu

"The infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities will be brought into existence by IAM to ensure the welfare of orphans and asnaf who live in the surrounding area receive appropriate attention and care in ensuring the development of human capital being successfully applied through a long-term programme strategy which will be constantly implemented during the year. Additionally, spiritual development will also be emphasized, aimed at producing the next generation of far-sighted and more visionary orphans who will have the potential to change the fortunes of themselves, their families and will also have the ability to shape the country's development for the next generation."

Zawahir Abdullah

President, Islamic Aid Malaysia (IAM)



Here are the specifications of the Residential Complex for Orphans and Asnaf in Mukim Temin, Kubang Pasu, Kedah.


  • Administrative Block
  • Foyer/Office Administration/Library/Seminar Room/Conference & Meeting Room/Dining Hall/Cooking/Prayer Room/Toilet/Rest Room 
  • Residential Block 
  • Male Hostel (100 ppl)/Female Hostel (100 ppl)/Rest and Study Room/Store/Toilet/Staff Quarters (4 units)
  • Surau
  • Prayer Room (200 ppl)/Male & Female Ablution Room/Toilet/Imam’s Office/Store 
  • Recreational Area
  • Badminton/Sepak Takraw/Basketball Courts.
  • Public Facilities/Utilities
  • Parking Space



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